GAST-PRO s.r.o. Trutnov – Professional gastronomic technologies and equipment for professional kitchens

Welcome on pages of the company GAST-PRO s.r.o. Trutnov  a traditional provider of complex service in the professional gastronomic technology. We are the supplier of a complete range of products for gastronomic operations.  Our company GAST-PRO s.r.o. was founded in  2000 at the East Bohemia region and has gradually expanded into the whole Czech Republic and we have  currently  stepped also into the world market.
We can be proud of hundreds important projects,  the furthest one of which  is at Malediva Islands in Indian Ocean. We can  position ourselves into a close group of the most successful companies in the branch. In line with the initial visions we have built complex regional „Centre of Service for Professionals in Gastronomy”  which operates not only in Eastern Bohemia and Giant Mountains regions but provides its services in the whole Czech Republic. It offers an complex range of services in the branch from a consultancy and a design trough a delivery and an installation to a professional training of your staff. We place a great emphasis on providing  reliable warranty and after warranty service which is ready to act in non stop HOT-LINE mode 24 hours a day!
Since 2006 you can use service of our professional gastronomic shop which sales a wide range of gastronomic equipment, professional kitchenware, cookware, kitchen tools, detergents, kitchen chemistry, hygienic articles, gastronomic textile,  bar equipment and all fast moving consumer goods, connected with the  professional gastronomic operation.
An integral part of our service is also a professional cook service which includes  organization of culinary seminars and presentations of   new equipment under supervision of our chef in our own training gastronomic studio equipped with top technologies of  the  reputable worldwide concerns, mainly  ELECTROLUX Professional and RATIONAL. Apart of complex kitchen supply we can offer sales, delivery, installation and service of all kind of  single machines for  heat treatment such as convection ovens, cooker, folding pans, deep fryers, boilers, grill plates, multifunctional technologies, pizza ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, bar dishwashers etc.
Of course we cannot miss cooling and freezing technologies in our assortment. It starts with cooling boxes, blast chillers, goes trough cooling and freezing  tables  to professional cooling and freezing furniture as well as home refrigerators and freezers. We cooperate with reputable suppliers of professional stainless steel tailored furniture. The assortment includes neutral and washing stainless steel tables, tables with warming, cooling and warming service and self-service showcase, stainless steel dispensing and self service counters etc. For the entire assortment we provide as well design and installation.
We must also mention all the kitchen machines for ingredients preparation such as slicing machines, cutters, mixers, vegetable slicers, grinders, kneaders, vacuum packers etc. . . .

Our commercial assortment includes range of many reputable Czech and international producers and brands verified by many years of service history. Our company is primarily an authorized dealer and service organization for the concern ELECTROLUX Professional, which fully covers by its large modular system the whole gastronomic field.

We are also very pleased to be an official contractual supplier and a service agent for  top-notch convection ovens of the brand RATIONAL.
When choosing technology for our customer we stress two elements equally

  • top quality and operation parameters
  • long lasting availability of reliable warranty and after warranty service

We are certified by quality management system ISO9001:2008 for area of: Advisory, Design, Delivery and Service of gastronomic technology 

Our company GAST-PRO s.r.o. aims to be in all of its activities particularly a trustworthy, reliable, transparent and stabile partner over a long period  to all of its customers.

 We  look forward to working with you!