PROFESSIONAL GASTRONOMIC SHOP – Professional gastronomic technology and equipment not only for the professional kitchens

In our professional gastronomic shop at Trutnov you can chose from large assortment of gastronomic equipment assisted by our specialized advisors in a very pleasant environment. The assortment includes professional kitchen needs, cookware, kitchen tools, washing needs and detergents, hygienic needs, gastronomic textile, bar equipment and all the other fast turning and supplementary assortment connected with professional gastronomy.     

Parts of the provided service are deliveries of the fast turning goods to premises of our regular customers accompanied by visit of our salesman. This way you can order directly on your premises.

Very popular service amongst our customers is sales and distribution of professional detergents. In a scope of this service we provide an assembly and complex service, set up and maintenance of dosing technology, cleaning machines, regeneration of water softeners etc..

Basic Assortment of Gastronomic Shop at Trutnov

  • gastronomic technologies and equipment
  • coffeemakers and  coffee equipment
  • bar equipment and accessories
  • table ware, kitchen ware
  • glass, chinaware
  • cutlery sets
  • paper program ( napkins, mats, towels, toilet paper…)
  • special chemistry and detergents
  • packing material
  • party program
  • cleaning and handling technique a aids
  • professional literature
  • ...and all other staff you could need !!!

For all your chosen gastrological technology we provide delivery, assembly and high quality 24- hour available warranty and non- warranty service !!! 


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