GAST-PRO company partners


NOWACO Czech Republic s.r.o.  |

NOWACO Czech Republic s.r.o. operates at the forefront in the area of complex supply of frozen, chilled and other food in the whole Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary. The company supplies chilled and frozen food into sales chains, hotels and restaurants, mass catering facilities, canteens, school canteens, sanitary facilities, hospitals and other sectors.

We cooperate with NOWACO Czech Republic s.r.o. mainly in the area of presentation NOWACO’s products during social events and during gastronomic cooking shows in GAST-PRO s.r.o. showroom at Trutnov. 



LA LORRAINE a.s. is an important producer and distributor of frozen bakery for retail and gastronomy.  In its assortment it offers more than 300 kinds of bakery:kaiser rolls, baguetts, panini, ciabattas, rolls, organic products, sweet and salty croissants, snacks, cakes, dessert, muffins, small cakes, butter pastry, puff and puff cream pastry. It further offers  breakfast and banquet assortment for hotels and restaurants, bakery packed in controlled atmosphere Gaspack, frozen bakery for home finishing. The company is a part of  the international bakery corporation LA LORRAINE BAKERY GROUP.

We cooperate with LA LORRAINE a.s. Czech Republic s.r.o. mainly in an area of presentation LA LORRAINE’s products during social events and during gastronomic cooking shows in GAST-PRO s.r.o. showroom at Trutnov. The shows are run under supervision of the  GAST-PRO chef.



ESSOX s.r.o. |

ESSOX s.r.o. is one of the most important non banking companies which provides loans and leasing services on the Czech market. It is a daughter company of  Komerční banka, a.s. and French company SG CONSUMER FINANCE SA. Essox s.r.o. belongs to group SOCIETE GENERALE.

Our company GAST-PRO s.r.o.Trutnov utilizes Essox s.r.o.for financing of gastronomic equipment for our customers through loan  or through leasing of the gastronomic equipment.

<<< HIER you can calculate a general amount of your instalments when you want to buy the gastronomic equipment  through  this financing!!!



STŘEDNÍ ŠKOLA GASTRONOMIE A SLUŽEB, Nová Paka is a secondary school of gastronomy, hotel industry and commerce which provides as well practical training.

We support the school enabling its students to participate at our gastronomic culinary presentations which are held in the show room of our company GAST-PRO s.r.o. They are supervised by our chef and the students can make  themselves familiar with all the hot news in the  area of gastronomic technology as well as with a new culinary food treatment and serving procedures.


EXPRES MENU, s.r.o.  |

EXPRES MENU, s.r.o. is a producer of frozen and sterilized, dietetic and gluten free ready made meals since 1999. Preparation of such meals requires less energy and is ecological. The company uses  the most modern sterilize technology providing safe and tasty product with no need to use preservatives and food colouring agents.

We cooperate namely in the area of  support and promotion of this products.



BASKET KLUB KARA TRUTNOV is a member of 1st EXCELSIOR Women’s Basketball League in the Czech Republic. The team has already played 15 seasons   of the 1st WBL. Its biggest achievements are one time 2nd place and ten times 3rd place in the league. On the top of it the club is a winner of Central European Cup 2010 and 4 times participant of final in Czech Cup. Many of its female players play also for the Czech National Team.

We are pleased that our company GAST-PRO s.r.o. can be an official partner and sponsor of this very successful local basketball club.