Gastronomic Service and Repairs of Gastronomic Technologies- GAST-PRO s.r.o. Trutnov

Quality, fast and reachable gastronomic service of the  professional technology and equipment is a necessary condition for smooth run of any gastronomic operation. Your kitchen is your means of production – so when choosing a supplier of your gastronomic technology you should pay the extra attention to supplier’s capabilities of service and its service base.Company GAST-PRO s.r.o. Trutnov offers  you  the most complex service of gastronomic equipment  in this field and operates the largest service centre of gastronomic technologies for region of Giant Mountains, Trutnov and Eastern Bohemia with high quality shop and personal base. Of course our gastronomic service can be utilized in the whole Czech Republic and the worldwide.  Our service department is ready to help and solve your immediate problems of all neutral, heating and cooling gastronomic technologies and professional kitchen equipment. We posses required certificates for repairs of gas and electric appliances.!!! DISCOUNT -10 % !!! Spring Deal for Service !!!Utilize time limited  DISCOUNT -10 % for preventive service of your gastronomic technologic means after hard winter season  Call our service, phone:+420 499 846 355 to get your discount !!!Gastro service GAST-PRO s.r.o. Trutnov further offers:Service team with many year of experience  continuously trained in all news in fieldArrival of a service technician within 24 hours after receiving the call from youWarranty and after warranty service of a large assortment of gastronomic equipment and professional kitchen equipmentOverhaul and midsize repair of gastronomic equipment in our service centreWide base of spare partsAdvisoryRegular checks of your gastronomic equipmentDiscounted travelling cost Execution of quality service of gastronomic technologies by our own technicians not only in region of Giant Mountains, Trutnov and Eastern Bohemia but as well in the whole Czech Republic trough training contractual partner service organizations  Responsible approach to each individual contractTop technical base for diagnostic and repairs of contemporary electronic controlled technologiesFavourable rates for complex service contracts Service of Gastronomic Technologies GAST-PRO s.r.o. Trutnov:-Gastronomic service operating in the region of Trutnov, Giant Mountains and East Bohemia, but as well in the whole Czech   Republic!-Your specialist for all year interventions and repairs of your gastronomic equipment in the  mountain environment!-Non-stop HOT-LINE service 7 days a week-Our Goal: SATISFIED CUSTOMER !