Training and Demonstration GASTRO STUDIO

GAST-PRO training a demonstration GASTRO STUDIO target is to serve to wide professional public as centre of information, education and news in field of professional gastronomy.

The studio is equipped by the most modern gastronomic technologies. You can look through professional kitchen machines and equipment of reputable worldwide concerns ELECTROLUX Professional and RATIONAL here. At random we name top convection boiler oven RATIONAL SCC 6x GN 1/1, or boiler convention oven ELECTROLUX Touch Line 6x GN 1/1 assembled in set with blast freezer ELECTROLUX 25KG, 6x GN 1/1. A part of the gastro studio equipment is apart of the others as well a table equipment   from line ELECTROLUX LIBERO LINE table grill plate, table induction cooker, induction wok, a preparation line, further cookware washing line  etc.

We continuously respond to current development and news in the field and innovate the equipment of the studio. That is why you can, under supervision of our experienced chef, practically test food preparation using new kitchen practices supported by this top technology. For training and lecture needs there is a modern presentation technique there.

The company GAST-PRO s.r.o. cooperates with leading experts in gastronomy. Close cooperation with public institutions and suppliers of various services in the field of gastronomy has been established in our program. Obviously we also offer in our service possibility of training of your new and current staff. For general public we organize training and culinary courses of modern gastronomy under supervision of reputable experts.

If you are interested to participate in our presentation or interested in the field generally you can contact us any time on following contact:

GAST-PRO s.r.o.
Mr. Jaromír Brdička

Chef Trainer, technologist, member of  AKC ČR
phone.: 499 846 347, 499 846 350, 499 846 344-5
mobile: 725 046 318