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Cooking Room – Thermals and Washing



Concern ELECTROLUX GROUP is reputable producer of a complex assortment of professional gastronomic equipment for brands ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, DITO, THERMA Line, which represent convection ovens , cooking, cooling, multifunctional, distribution and washing technologies of middle and upper class. Brand MOLTENI then represents luxury, unique cooking technology of the top class, Concern ELECTROLUX GROUP is the unique company in the world which is capable to cover complete range of a high performance professional kitchen within one brand! The innovative gastronomic technologies of Electrolux fulfil the needs  in all individual cases,  even for the most demanding customers. They are highly performing systems which guarantee outstanding results, productivity,  hygiene, and low running costs.
Our company
GAST-PRO s.r.o is an official contractual and service partner for all gastronomic technologies of the concern ELECTROLUX GROUP.


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The brand RATIONAL is with more than 40 years in the field a world leader among producers in the gastronomic field specialized in production of top notch unique automatic convention owns RATIONAL Self Cooking Centre, which provide the best ration between price, quality and usefulness in the whole convection oven market.
Our company GAST-PRO s.r.o is an official contractual and service partner for the convention ovens RATIONAL.



A producer of technologies for gastronomic operations, especially convention ovens RETIGO Blue Vision & Orange Vision, further regenerators, holding cabinets, ovens and beverage equipment. 



The brand UNOX is a  leading Italian producer of gastronomic equipment, bakery ovens and convection ovens with an injection dumping system.  The brand is positioned in a low middle class with outstanding ratio between quality, functionality and price while being very reliable in operation. 



Complete range of table cooking technologies and a complet  wholesales assortment of equipment for gastronomy. 


ALBA Hořovice |

A reputable Czech brand with complete range of modular cooking gastronomic technologies and dishwashers.



Professional washing systems WINTERHALTER are world market leader. The brand designs and produces effective washing systems for restaurants, hotels, bars, catering, school and company canteen, hospitals etc. WINTERHALTER provides a reliable and fast service to its customers. The brand supplies complete solutions and provides complex conceptions from washing technologies trough detergents and water treatment to all accessories.



An Italian producer of professional dishwashers in middle and low middle class with an outstanding ratio between quality, functionality and price while being very reliable in operation. 



A reputable worldwide brand specialized in the field of professional gastronomic technologies especially quality microwave ovens.

Preparation, Serving, Distribution 



A complete assortment of all professional stainless neutral kitchen furniture as well as stainless cooling and warming technology.



The brand ROBOT COUPE is a  leading European producer for  dynamic food preparation  (vegetable slicers,  slicers, cutters, etc.) in gastronomic field from France. The company with history lasting since 1960 is a  market leader in this specific field of the kitchen equipment. It has been  represented in the Czech Republic since 1990. The equipment for the dynamic food preparation has its destination in all sizes from buffet, restaurants, school canteen, kindergarten to high capacity hospital operations, students canteens etc.



The German brand GRAEF is a  producer of top professional slicers and slicing automats  in sizes from mass production for industrial food preparation through midsized machines for professional kitchens to small slicers with blade diameter 170mm for household use.



The brand offers a complete range of professional universal robots. In the offer you can find machines with 8, 10, 20, 24, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 litres pot equipped by beater, whisk and hook. Appart of the smallest  model all the others are equipped by connection for accessories i.e. a vegetable slicer and a meat grinder



An assortment of several various size lines of professional vacuum packing equipment of robust all stainless steel provenience with a pressed chamber.



An assortment particularly of distribution and serving gastronomic technologies, thermo ports and tablets. 


 OEM |

An Italian producer specialized in comprehensive assortment of pizza equipment starting with presses, mixers,   kneading machines and rounders and ending with pizza tables, ovens and small accessories for pizzeria.



A brand focused on keeping finished meals in optimal serving temperature without a loss of important values and respecting strict hygienic standards. It means especially heat keeping cabinets, trolleys etc.




The brand LIEBHERR is specialized for highly energetic efficient cooling and freezing technologies with an offer more than 500 models of appliances to be used in professional gastronomic operations. These are combined refrigerators, refrigerators, wine cabinets, upright freezers, chest freezers, refrigerators and freezers for commercial usage and specialized appliance for usage in laboratories, blood banks and as well household appliances



An assortment of cooling and freezing technology for professional gastronomic operations, combined  refrigerators, refrigerators, upright freezers, chest freezers, glass window refrigerators and freezers and household appliances.




An assortment of icemakers and cooling technique.



A reputable Czech producer and supplier of cooling equipment, cooling and freezing boxes and wide assortment of insulation rooms for cooling and other applications.



A reputable Italian brand focused on  production of cooling technique, salad bars, confectionary showcases, heating and cooling design,  serving tables, banquet lines, equipment for meal presentation, hotel self service, wine cabinets etc. 



A producer of coolingtechnology, cooling and freezing cabinets, cooling and freezing tables, pizza tables, cooling extensions, etc.



An assortment namely of serving, confectionary, along-wall cooling and heating showcases



A producer of cooling technique, cooling showcases, dessert showcases and tables etc

Bar, Coffee, Taproom



A reputable Italian producer of coffeemakers, coffee grinders and all equipment connected with a coffee preparation and coffee specialities.



Another reputable Italian producer of coffeemakers, coffee grinders and equipment connected with a professional preparation of coffee and coffee specialities.



A brand specialized in pancake makers, waffle makers, crepes makers etc.



An assortment of professional bar equipment, especially professional, efficient bar mixers etc.



A producer of professional bar equipment, professional citrus juicers, juice extractors, mixers, drink whiskers etc



A taproom equipment and technique for  tapping of bear and beverages. Cooling for bear and beverages for professional and as well household usage.

Inventory, Glass, Chinaware, Paper Program


TOMGAST s.r.o. |

A supplier of a wide range of products and equipment for gastronomic operations.



A complete assortment of hotel traditional Czech chinaware.



An assortment of quality utilitarian and hotel porcelain, ceramics and small assortment for gastronomy, for hotels, restaurants and catering companies.



An assortment of a traditional Belgium brand of an exclusive cutlery for favourable prices.



A brand of high quality drinking glass, table accessories and decorative glass articles. 



Silicon bakery and confectionary moulds, cutters and small bakery accessories.


Kitchen Chemistry, Detergents 



An assortment of professional washing and cleaning and kitchen hygiene.


CORMEN s.r.o. |

The company CORMEN is focused on a production of cosmetics, household and industrial cleaning products apart of others as well for gastronomic operations.